Feedback from Our Patients

Our core values are about listening to patients, and having frank and caring conversations about their hopes and concerns. We provide honest advice about gynecomastia surgery, and we are always clear about what can be reasonably achieved by undergoing this type of procedure. We do our best to provide accurate advice, and we apply our many years of experience as a team to delivering great results. Hopefully this sampling of feedback from some of our past patients will provide an idea of our approach to this specialised type of aesthetic surgery.

After researching and learning that my degree of “manboobs” could be reduced or removed altogether by surgery, I decided to roll the dice as I felt that having more confidence in my life would justify the investment. All information in the consultation and the ease in arranging the surgery were both excellent. I am extremely satisfied with my results, and I am no longer self-conscious about my chest. The post-operative care was fantastic, and all the staff from Dr. Chambers to the nurses were attentive, professional and welcoming.

‐ William C., St. Albans

I am generally very pleased with every aspect of my treatment at the clinic. Everything was explained thoroughly and clearly before the operation, and the aftercare was excellent. I am pleased with the results of the surgery and wish I would have looked into doing it long ago, and I would strongly advise anyone considering surgery to go ahead with it.

‐ Elliot B., Bromley

My condition was a source of constant embarrassment, and after seeing several practices, Dr. Alex was the only one in which I felt a genuine sympathy and understanding of my condition. I’m very happy to have chosen this clinic, as my aim of a flat chest has been achieved, and the staff were extremely helpful, and I can’t thank them enough for the kindness they all showed me. My recovery was monitored very closely, and I felt that my wellbeing was a genuine concern to them.

‐ Richard M., Swansea

I chose Dr. Alex because she came highly recommended from someone in the field. Also, I liked that she was interested in me as a person, and wanted to understand my goals. She established a rapport, and that’s why after consulting with other surgeons both in the NHS and privately, I went to Dr. Alex. Doctors like her are a rare find.

‐ Nishith G., Luton

Overall, I am very pleased with the procedure. This was exactly what I was looking for. From the very start, I saw Dr. Alex knew what she was doing. Made me feel at ease that I was in good hands. Her, and all the staff were very friendly, and I was able to discuss my problems and the so called “damage” gynecomastia had done in my life without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. This surgery was worth every penny.

‐ Vitaly S., Slough

I found the clinic through a family member. I’m so happy with the result. I’ve gained so much more self-confidence and look so much better. I was a bit nervous in the first week of the recovery time, but after 3 weeks I was able to do anything. I would recommend it to anyone who felt insecure about themselves.

‐ T. N., Coventry

Dr Chambers and her staff were truly wonderful. I felt very comfortable from the first day, and it was a testament to how amazingly experienced the staff were. I’m walking away not only with the results I wanted but with the comfort that I was in top notch hands.

‐ Augustus K., Mitcham

I have found the procedure hugely successful thanks to Dr. Alex and her staff. They made me feel very at ease and comfortable from the start and I would highly recommend them.

‐ Justin M., Twickenham

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