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Getting the Best Outcomes

There are several basic factors that impact both the aesthetic and surgical outcomes of a gynecomastia surgery. Some of these can be tailored prior to surgery, and some are dependent on behaviors during the recovery period.

Reducing Body Fat Percentage

Excess body fat aspirated during a gynecomastia surgery requires the skin to retract over the removed volume. Reducing fat prior to surgery will help the skin redrape more smoothly and with fewer wrinkles. It will also help soft tissues to settle more uniformly, and will deliver a generally more aesthetic result. Reducing body fat percentage prior to surgery can be a helpful factor. Your surgeon will be able to advise you on the benefits of weight loss for your particular case.

Skin Type and Elasticity

Skin with poor elasticity will more likely exhibit stretch marks, and will redrape less evenly over the reduced chest size after surgery. Another important point is that some skin types are prone to more prominent scarring. Patients with Afro-Caribbean and Asian skin types are more likely to see thickened or raised scars. Scars for these types can also be of a much darker color than surrounding skin. There are some treatments that can act to reinforce skin thickness and elasticity prior to surgery. Also, there are some treatments that can help reduce stretch marks and scarring after surgery. Your surgeon can discuss the outlook for your particular case, and possible treatment options.

Nicotine and Alcohol

Nicotine reduces oxygen supply to skin and other tissues, and consequently, it slows down wound healing. Smokers have a 30% increased chance of flap necrosis, unfavourable scarring and other complications. It is advisable for smokers to stop at least two weeks before the surgery, and then to refrain from smoking for another three weeks after surgery.

Alcohol can dilate blood vessels and promote bleeding. It can also reduce the efficacy of some medicines. This leads to overall poorer healing, and as such, patients should avoid consumption of alcohol for at least two weeks before the surgery and another three weeks after.

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Post-Operative Regimen

Various technologies can be applied to help reinforce post-surgical skin retraction. These may include plasma, radio-frequency, and ultrasound treatments.

In addition to aesthetic therapies, patients can improve their overall results by toning up their chest and shoulder muscles. Men with better muscle tone will have a better definition in their result, and as they tend to have a better lymphatic drainage, will recover from surgery faster. Building muscle is best when done prior to surgery, however, can also be done after, but only after at least three weeks of recovery.

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