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Understanding Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia, sometimes referred to as manboobs, is the growth of glandular breast tissue and excess fat build up in the chest. It often becomes noticeable as a palpable lump behind the nipples. The condition can range from barely noticeable to a size that is a serious embarrassment.  Although the condition is not medically harmful, most men are unhappy with it, and it can lead to emotional and psychological discomfort.

The links on this page are the jumping off point for a range of topics about the causes and treatments for gynecomastia. Learn more about how gynecomastia is medically defined, the various grades of severity it can have, and its causes. Understand how the GSC manages the surgical process, and read about the answers to many common questions men ask about this treatment.

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Common Questions About Gynecomastia

Discover answers to many common questions by following the links below to pages where topics such as alternatives to surgery, whether surgery is best for you, and what to know to get the best outcomes from a gynecomastia procedure.

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