Severe Gynecomastia Surgery Case Study

Kevin, 26-years-old, had a severe case of gynecomastia with significant skin stretching and large sagging breasts. He had had his condition since puberty. Although he had always been a large man, he had lost significant weight through exercise and diet. Regardless, his pronounced breasts had stayed the same, unaffected by his efforts. He had a past history of surgery for a different medical condition, and this had left him with a significant scar down his abdomen.


Surgical Plan

Kevin wanted to have a flatter chest, and given that he already had readily apparent scars was prepared to have the few additional ones that would be needed to remove the folds of excess skin resulting from the removal of significant volumes of fat and glands in his chest.

His surgery removed a total of 1050ml of fat and 510g of glandular tissue from the left side and 980ml and 501g of glandular tissue from the right side. The excess sagging skin was trimmed, and the soft chest tissues lifted up along with the nipples to a more normal position. The patient had scars all the way around the areolar borders.

CaseStudy Severe front

Pre-surgery (left side of photo), the patient’s breasts are quite large and exhibit severe droop. The procedure significantly reduces the size of his chest (right side of photo), and it is no longer sagging. A bit of indentation is visible on the right side of his chest due to the amount of skin excision that was required.

CaseStudy Severe side

This view from the side shows that the volume of the breast (left side of photo) has been significantly reduced by surgery (right side of photo), and the chest skin is no longer folder over on itself at the base of the breast with the abdomen.

Heavy Man with Severe Gynecomastia Before and After Surgery Oblique View

This oblique view shows that the overall volume of the breasts (left side of photo) have been significantly reduced (right side of photo). The break between the bottom of the breast and the abdomen is no longer drooping after surgery, and overall cleavage of the chest is flatter and more masculine.

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