Moderate Gynecomastia Surgery Case Study

Peter, a 33-year-old, overweight man was too embarrassed by his “manboobs” to swim or exercise publicly, and he felt that this was preventing him from improving his physical fitness and negatively impacting his general health. He had had this condition since he was a teenager, and thought that it was important to make a change while he was still young enough for it to make a difference in his life.

His ultrasound scan showed that he had a moderate case of bilateral gynecomastia, consisting of both glandular tissue and fat build-up. His skin was fair, and showed some thinning and stretch marks, and because of this, his areolas were somewhat enlarged.


Surgical Plan

After reviewing a variety of results from similar past patients. Peter opted for a proposed surgical plan that would aspirate the chest fat, excise the glandular tissue, and reduce the size of his areolas. The procedure itself removed 620ml of fat and 50g of glandular tissue from the patient’s right side, and 500ml of fat and 61g of glandular tissue from the left. Skin from both areolas was trimmed off to reduce their size.

CaseStudy Moderate front

As shown in the photo (left side), the patient has a clearly pronounced breast that prevented him from removing his shirt and from wearing certain types of clothes. His chest was significantly flattened by the surgery (right side). The surgical reduction in size of the enlarged areolas can also clearly be seen.

CaseStudy Moderate side

This view illustrates well the amount of roll between the breast and the chest, just enough to appear clearly beneath a t-shirt or a tight dress shirt. Post-surgery (right side), the roll is removed.

CaseStudy Moderate oblique

This view shows the degree of projection of the breast (left side), but the case is not severe enough to give rise to sagging. Only a slight amount of skin stretching remains after surgery as can be seen in the outcome (right side) just below the areolas. The chest is much flatter, and its appearance is more natural.

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