Mild Gynecomastia Surgery Case Study

Tom, a 21-year-old student, had taken anabolic steroids as a teen to help in gaining muscle mass while weight training. He immediately stopped when tenderness and swelling developed behind his nipples. The enlargement persisted despite taking Tamoxifen tablets prescribed by his doctor. After waiting two years, embarrassed during the summer months and around girls, he decided to look into surgery.

His ultrasound scan showed that he had mild bilateral gynecomastia with both glandular and fat tissue. His skin was fair and had good elasticity. No stretching of the skin or areolas was apparent.


Surgical Plan

Due to the mildness of his condition, Tom’s surgical plan only required liposuction for the chest fat and excision of the glandular tissue. The procedure removed 350ml of fat from the left side and 75g of glandular tissue. The procedure removed 300ml of fat and 69g of glandular tissue from the right side.

CaseStudy Mild front

The left side of the photo shows that the patient has a clearly developing breast. The result of the surgery, as shown on the right side of the photo was a perfectly flat chest with no hint of gynecomastia.

CaseStudy Mild side

This view illustrates the puffiness of Tom’s nipples prior to surgery (left side), and the result after his procedure (right side).

CaseStudy Mild oblique

This oblique view clearly show Tom’s developing breast tissue (left side), and the complete removal of it after surgery (right side).

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